ADJUSTABLE bow string silencer
by falcon products usa

Utility Patent No 7,954,481
Design Patent No. D593,181
Design Patent No. D776,780

The Rattler adjustable bow string silencer was developed as a bowstring suppression device to fit any compound bow with a front or rear mounting stabilizer hole. Constructed out of aluminum and titanium, this is the most advanced and clean looking product today replacing the carbon rod string stops so many manufacturers are using, it almost looks like it is part of the bow and just not another add-on. The unit is very easily installed by either attaching to the front or rear mounting hole, sliding the shaft out until the rubber bumper touches the string, and lock the set screws in place with the allen wrench that is provided.

We have found that when installing properly you will get better shot groups and a faster arrow flight. The Rattler can also help in eliminating wrist/forearm slap which is very important in any hunting and shooting situation. Most big game animals are capable of jumping the string upon the release of an arrow and this can make a difference in a hit or a miss on a trophy of a lifetime.

With over 35 years of bow hunting experience and with all the testing that has been done on this string suppression device, we have come up with a winner that with no doubt become a standard for a lot of new and existing bows.